Introduction to the Series


The reason why we’re writing this series is because we’ve found that building a protocol for decentralized identity & reputation asks for a few explanations. This is the first base layer protocol for decentralized identity & reputation in the world, and not particularly an easy task to pick on.

By sharing our thoughts and experiences, we hope to inspire others about the importance of decentralized systems, open source software, secure data and communications, and the role of identity and reputation in both analog and digital networks. We’ll happily listen to any of your questions, comments, and suggestions on any of our articles and software.

We’ll bring you all of the articles on the list below. The articles under “General” may be published at any time. You can see this page as a continuously updating index, based on your feedback and our future experiences. If you find any of the following topics interesting, this is a great page to bookmark and come back to later.



  • Introducing 2WAY.IO
  • Introduction to the Series
  • How we do Business
  • Steal Our Software
  • Geodesic Societies / Markets (Back to the Future)
  • The Need for Decentralized Identity & Reputation


  • What is Electronic Trust?
  • What is an Electronic Identity?
  • Identity Infrastructures (Centralized vs. Decentralized)
  • What is Electronic Reputation?
  • Reputation Systems (Centralized vs. Decentralized)
  • Bitcoin and Identity
  • The Web of Trust
  • What is Identifi?
  • Identifi: Public Node vs. Private Node
  • The 2WAY.IO Private Identifi Node


  • Security-by-Design & Privacy-by-Design
  • Trust Networks: Filtering (ir)relevant IDs & their statements
  • Applications: From Mobile Devices to Data Centers
  • User-in-control: Data & Communications
  • Implementation: Legal & Production Environments
  • Multi-Sig IDs and Verifications
  • Revoking IDs and Verifications

Use Cases

  • Use Cases – Intro
  • Use Case – Connecting Information Silos
  • Use Case – Communication Channels
  • Use Case – Developers
  • Use Case – Forums
  • Use Case – Market Places
  • Use Case – Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Use Case – Trust-based Mesh Networking
  • Use Case – Ricardian Contract
  • Use Case – Smart Contract
  • Use Case – Financial services
  • Use Case – Securing Industrial Environments
  • Use Case – Securing Corporate Environments
  • Use Case – Securing Homes
  • Use Case – Autonomous Vehicles
  • Use Case – End Game (virtual reality, passports, drone operators, etc.)


  • Our Corporate Structure
  • Our Advisors
  • Our Customers
  • Zero Vacation Days Policy and Corporate Day
  • Right to be Forgotten
  • Right to Distantiate Yourself


Our next article, “How we do Business”, will be published within the next few days.

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